• ACN and its humble beginning

  • Posted on June 23, 2018
  • ACN is the product of the visions of four experienced entrepreneurs: Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Tony Cupisz, and Mike Cupisz. They have been in the direct selling industry for years working from one company to another. They were not satisfied with how these companies work and so they decided to create a company which will make their vision come to life. They brainstormed and formulated a business plan. They wrote down in a yellow pad paper what they want and didn't want in a company, ripped the paper and only kept the side that contains the qualities they want in a business. 

    Right there and then, they were able to determine the governing principles of ACN - integrity, solid business practices, and commitment. It gave a birth to the American Communications Network (ACN), a company that will always put the needs of the masses. It started offering products and services needed by people on their day to day life. It began reselling long distance telephone service to people in the United States. Over the years, the company experienced massive growth. From the United States, it expanded to over 25 countries including Europe, Asia, and the Pacific. 

    Today, the American Communications Network provides a wide range of products and services such as local and long distance telephone service, energy, wireless connectivity,  satellite televisions, beauty, health, and wellness products. From a national brand, it became a global brand and helping thousands of people from all across the globe. It has partnered with some of the highly reputable institutions in the industry and remains true to its core - to deliver high-quality products and services people need every single day. Integrity and commitment are the trademarks of ACN. The very same trademark you carry with you once you become ACN's independent business owner (IBO).

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