• ACN's Flash Wireless service got even better

  • Posted on June 26, 2018
  • Flash Wireless is one of the services offered by ACN. It provides high-quality service to wireless consumers in the United States. It operates on a highly reliable network, Sprint, which is one of the largest networks in the states. It provides great value on unlimited plans without annual service contracts.

    To further improve ACN's Flash Wireless service, it partners with Fortegra. The partnership provides customers with a customized mobile device protection program to further improve customer’s experience. It gives its customers total flexibility.

    • Customers can choose their preferred network.
    •  Customers can bring their own phone and mobile number and sign up for an unlimited data plan, which only costs $39.99/line.
    • There is a possibility that the customers can get their wireless service for free through ACN's referral program.
    • There is no annual contract.
    • Customers can access the customized ProtectCELL plans by Fortegra starting July 2, 2018. It will be made available for all mobile device models and makes. It is a device protection that will make bring your mobile experience to the next level.
    The partnership with Fortegra will benefit the existing and new customers. After all, the brand is built to deliver what is right for the customers and that is flexible and safe mobile experience. All this and more to fit the needs of the customers.

    This partnership will further boost the marketing power of ACN Inc. It is a part of the company’s promise to deliver only high-quality products and services to people in the United States and other parts of the world. The American Communications Network continues to strive hard to show to its client’s base that it remains true to its promise; to provide products and services that will meet the ever-growing needs of its clients. 


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